Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Meals

I hope y'all are enjoying my meal plans. I heard from my friend (hey, M!!!) that they inspired her to plan too. :-)

Sunday--I posted last week that we were having taco soup. Nope-we did leftovers. The forecast had low 70s & rain, but reality was 80s & sun.

Monday--taco soup/nachos. The cool front moved through last night.

Tuesday--shrimp tostatas with guacamole (I still haven't made these.)

Wednesday--salmon with vegetables (corn, great beans, broccoli--whatever I have on-hand)

Thursday--a frozen meal. S will be at her grandparents & I'm taking a day off from cooking.

Friday--Skinnytaste's spinach & sausage baked pasta

Saturday--??? We are working in the yard all day, so maybe we can order to go.

Happy Eats!!

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