Sunday, September 29, 2013

Menu Monday...on Sunday

I usually make my meal plan on either Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Here's a tip-Kroger puts their ad online (and on the iPhone/iPad app) on SATURDAY NIGHT!!  You don't have to wait until Sunday for the paper!

Sunday--I didn't get to the store so we just foraged for food. Mostly leftovers. 

Monday--rotisserie chicken (Kroger) with vegetables and couscous. Of course I am adding goat cheese to the couscous.

Tuesday--Good Housekeeping's polenta and spinach gratin

Wednesday--shrimp tostadas with guacamole (I never fixed this last week, so I just need to make guacamole again.)

Thursday--Good Housekeeping's mojo to chicken with pineapple and rice

Friday--pizza night!! We're meeting some new friends at the zoo this afternoon so I don't want to have to worry about dinner.

Saturday--chicken spaghetti. I'll have some regular spaghetti on hand in case the Rotel is too spicy for the kiddos. 

Sunday--taco soup with tortilla chips and avocados. Stella doesn't love soup, so she'll probably have nachos. I got this from my friend, Amanda's blog. I'm typing this from my phone & not sure how to link, but check out Life with the Ledfords!! 

All the Good Housekeeping recipes (including the polenta) came from this cookbook.

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