Sunday, September 29, 2013

Menu Monday...on Sunday

I usually make my meal plan on either Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Here's a tip-Kroger puts their ad online (and on the iPhone/iPad app) on SATURDAY NIGHT!!  You don't have to wait until Sunday for the paper!

Sunday--I didn't get to the store so we just foraged for food. Mostly leftovers. 

Monday--rotisserie chicken (Kroger) with vegetables and couscous. Of course I am adding goat cheese to the couscous.

Tuesday--Good Housekeeping's polenta and spinach gratin

Wednesday--shrimp tostadas with guacamole (I never fixed this last week, so I just need to make guacamole again.)

Thursday--Good Housekeeping's mojo to chicken with pineapple and rice

Friday--pizza night!! We're meeting some new friends at the zoo this afternoon so I don't want to have to worry about dinner.

Saturday--chicken spaghetti. I'll have some regular spaghetti on hand in case the Rotel is too spicy for the kiddos. 

Sunday--taco soup with tortilla chips and avocados. Stella doesn't love soup, so she'll probably have nachos. I got this from my friend, Amanda's blog. I'm typing this from my phone & not sure how to link, but check out Life with the Ledfords!! 

All the Good Housekeeping recipes (including the polenta) came from this cookbook.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Mealtime!

What's on your menu this week. Here's our list.

Sunday-leftovers from my mom's. I have a cold and M took the kids to visit my mom & dad so that I could have the day to rest.

Monday-Skinnytaste's Cajun chicken pasta on the lighter side

Tuesday-macaroni & cheese, broccoli casserole, and okra


Thursday-grilled shrimp tostadas with guacamole

Friday-sandwiches (We're going to a member event at the zoo.)

Saturday-Skinnytaste's spinach and sausage baked pasta

Happy Eats!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Just Another Menu Monday

I did a quick meal plan for the week before church yesterday. Here's what we plan to eat this week.

Sunday-MIL's house

Monday-Better Homes & Gardens' rosemary chicken with veggies

Tuesday-leftovers or sandwiches

Wednesday-fish and vegetables (including mashed potatoes for the kids)

Thursday-leftovers or sandwiches

Friday-Better Homes & Gardens' shrimp and rice jambalaya 

Saturday-pizza & cake (We're going to a birthday party.)

We might switch Thursday & Friday since M is having a guys night out on Friday. 

Happy Eats!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Menu Monday

Hey y'all!!

What's for dinner this week? Here is a glimpse to what we are having.

Sunday-Cooking Light's rotini with chicken, asparagus, and tomatoes
-asparagus was $5 a pound at my grocery store, so I used some shredded carrots that we already had instead

Monday-Cooking Light's roasted tomato and goat cheese baguette with parsley aïoli and a side of broccoli

Tuesday-breakfast for dinner

Wednesday-Cooking Light's refried beans and rice burritos over lettuce and a special fruit juice cooler

Thursday-clean out the fridge!

Friday-Cooking Light's green salsa chicken and cumin corn

Saturday-M is working, so I'm fixing pizza. We all love it-even the babies.

Happy Eats!!