Monday, September 9, 2013

Menu Monday

Hey y'all!!

What's for dinner this week? Here is a glimpse to what we are having.

Sunday-Cooking Light's rotini with chicken, asparagus, and tomatoes
-asparagus was $5 a pound at my grocery store, so I used some shredded carrots that we already had instead

Monday-Cooking Light's roasted tomato and goat cheese baguette with parsley aïoli and a side of broccoli

Tuesday-breakfast for dinner

Wednesday-Cooking Light's refried beans and rice burritos over lettuce and a special fruit juice cooler

Thursday-clean out the fridge!

Friday-Cooking Light's green salsa chicken and cumin corn

Saturday-M is working, so I'm fixing pizza. We all love it-even the babies.

Happy Eats!!

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