Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pop Century

We stayed at the Pop Century resort.  It is part of Disney and offers lots of amenities we were looking for.

As part of the Disney group of resorts, these were some of our amenities
*ride the FREE Magical Express from the airport to the hotel (and back to the airport)
*free drink refills in our souviner mugs (at the resort only)
*opportunity to use Disney transportation from hotel to park/Downtown Disney
*Exra-Magic hours (hours the parks are open only for Disney resort guests)
*free Wi-Fi
*and many others

Pop Century is one of the value resorts at Disney and that was a big appeal to us.  We knew we wouldn't be in the resort a lot, basically we just needed a place to sleep.

The rooms at Pop Century are small-at least ours was. But for 2 adults and a small child, we were fine.  We would have been fine with two small children (two double beds).  If we had taken the twins, it would have been difficult to find a place for a couple of pack & plays, or really even one, unless you wanted to close off the bathroom.

Pop Century resort also offered a large food court area that was considered Quick Service and part of our dining plan.  We ate there more than I thought we would, and they had a nice variety that suited all of us.
Enjoying Mickey Mouse waffles al fresco on our last day there.

Pop Century had a theme of the 50s-90s and was decorated with some of the biggest trends of each of those decades. We stayed in the 70s which was very close to the Classic Hall.  The Classic Hall is where the front desk, food court, gift shop, and arcade are located.

Lady and the Tramp

Play-doh and Mowgli & Baloo

Mickey Mouse phone and Big Wheel

Roger Rabbit and a Walkman


Pop Century has 3 swimming pools spread out throughout the resort.  We were closest to the Hippy Dippy Pool in the 60s area (steps from the Classic Hall).  The pool was at most almost 5 ft deep.  And there was a kiddie pool area that was much like a big saucer in the ground.  No climbing in or out.

Hippy Dippy Pool

Tomorrow I'll be sharing tips, explaining Magic Bands, and trying to help you understand Fast Pass +.

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