Sunday, February 9, 2014

Disney World or Bust

This fall I decided I wanted to take S to Disney World.  I think I caught the bug while seeing friends' Instagram pictures. I seriously started considering it around late September/early October.  We bought our tickets in early December and went on January 31. Friends--that is planning late for Disney.

We are very lucky that my in-laws agreed to watch the twins. I'm pretty sure the real highlight of the trip was S being alone with us for most of 5 days. 

We decided to not to drive and to cash in some sky miles and fly. It was S's first flight and I'm sure it cut down on a lot of the drama from the backseat.

See that snow in the picture.  Brr!!!

The flight was uneventful until the Atlanta to Orlando portion. SO MUCH TURBULENCE!!! And I threw up, not once--no, but twice!!! And some got on my lap. So I entered the most Magical Place on Earth in pukey jeans.  Awesome!!!

We ate dinner at the hotel (really I just grazed The Professor's plate) and headed to our room. We rode Disney's Magical Express bus from the hotel and had opted for our checked bags to be delivered to our room. This service comes with a warning that it can take 3+ hours--and it did, even in the off season. It was around 9:45 when we got our bags, way later than we had planned to be in bed. But it's vacation, right? 

Tomorrow I'll recap our first park-Animal Kingdom!!


  1. That would so be me! The threw up part, I get so sick in planes, cars, and anything that goes. Unless I am driving then it is much better. I have never thrown up but very very close. Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. I had never been sick on a plane before--and I've been on all night flights to London and Paris. I think helping S color and then play on the iPad--plus the turbulence--was just a bad combination for me.