Friday, February 14, 2014

EPCOT Part 1

Spaceship Earth

On our last full day at Disney World, we went to EPCOT.  I wasn't sure how S would like this, but she really did.

That morning we got up early again and since we had enough breakfast credits, we skipped our in room breakfast bar and actually ate at the hotel.  S loved the Mickey waffles.

After EPCOT opened, we headed straight for Soarin'. It was a 5m wait.  The line cut off right before us, so we basically just had to wait for that ride to finish before we could get on.  The people behind us had been at EPCOT the night before and waited 1.5 hours to ride during the fireworks!  We had a FP+, but didn't use it.  I switched it to Test Track.


Since we were already in the Land Pavillion, we rode Living with the Land after Soarin'.  This was a nice little boat ride (no wait) that talked about farming and using the land.  Then we rode through some a greenhouse were they were experimenting with growing food in different ways.  As I child, I remember going and learning about hydroponics.  I checked the line for Soarin' before we left--by then it was already up to an hour.

Living with the Land

brussels sprouts


Next we rode the Journey Into Imagination with Figment.  I really miss the old Figment ride, but S thought it was fun.  She also got a Figment to bring home with her.  Really I wanted it, but The Professor said only one--and she won out.  Outside the Figment ride there are some jumping fountains--water that jumps from one area to another.  S loved trying to catch it.

Journey Into Imagination


jumping water

We headed next to ride The Seas with Nemo & Friends.  Again, we had a FP+ that we didn't need to use.  This was a really fun ride.  S couldn't remember if she had seen Nemo or not, so I'm guessing not.  After the ride was over, we saw Turtle Talk with Crush and viewed the aquarium.  Our timing was just right because everything was wet outside and we missed the shower.

The Seas with Nemo & Friends

Everyone was getting hungry and we had time before our Spaceship Earth FP+ reservation, so we ate at the Electric Umbrella.  It was nice to sit down and eat.  I just shared some of The Professor's pizza.  Portions at Disney are BIG!!!

We did use our FP+ at Spaceship Earth-not because we needed to, but we just wanted to.  I think the line was 20m (and it probably wasn't).  S really enjoyed this ride--mainly because they use a picture of you in the video and the ride is just cool.

underneath Spaceship Earth


On our way to ride more rides, we ran into the JAMMitors.  They were so good.

jamming away

I had fond memories of riding a non-scary dinosaur ride at Ellen's Energy Adventure.  Non-scary is right.  The Cast Member announced the ride was 37 minutes long.  Maybe about 10 of that was riding, the rest was watching videos.  S was not amused.  And I realized that I had remembered wrong.  This would be a good ride in the summer if you wanted to cool off and rest for a bit.

Ellen's Energy Adventure was in this building

Our last ride of the morning was Test Track.  It had been re-vamped since we were there last & now you get to design your own car.  This was what our virtual car looked like.  S designed it.

bad boys, bad boys

After Test Track, we left the park for an afternoon of swimming at the hotel.  

Join me tomorrow for Part 2 of our day at EPCOT!

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  1. Epcot was never my favorite part of Disney, even as an adult. I'm glad you guys had a good time!

    1. We really enjoyed EPCOT. The Professor said his favorite park we visited was Animal Kingdom,and I'm sure S enjoyed Magic Kingdom the best (although her favorite ride was Expedition Everest).
      I loved all of them in different ways.