Monday, March 4, 2013

Menu Monday

First, let me apologize for no pictures. I took them, promise. I am just horrid (love that word) at taking them off my camera and phone. Anyways, this is what we ate last week. I'm still in the process of meal planning this week-we have plenty of leftover soup to tide us over tonight.

Join me as I link up with Rachel on Menu Monday!!

Skinnytaste's Santa Fe chicken over rice with avocado

Linguine with scallops and marinara sauce

Waffle with some of Skinnytaste's pumpkin butter and a Morningstar Farm soysage patty

Skinnytaste's tuna noodle casserole

Leftovers--I was at a consignment sale and ate after the kids were in bed

Good Earth spicy citrus glazed shrimp with angel hair pasta

Taco soup with Mexican cornbread
Chocolate eclair cake-it was a birthday dinner for my mother-in-law

Also-I think I need to own stock in Skinnytaste. She has the best recipes & all are WW friendly!

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