Saturday, July 27, 2013

Summertime TV

Wow.  That was a long blog break.  I guess I've been busy this summer.

With three little ones, 4 & under, it seems my days are filled.  And I'm too exhausted at night to do anything but maybe watch a little TV before hitting the sack.

Recently, I have become a Scandal addict.  I watched the first two seasons within two weeks!

Love me some Olivia Pope!! I can't wait until October 3rd.

I've tried a few other shows, but haven't really gotten into them.  House of Cards, Orange is the New Black. Meh.

But, then I found Political Animals on Netflix.  It's about a former First Lady. During her Southern husband's Presidential term, he had some affairs, but she stood by him. Later, she ran for President, but lost--and was then appointed Secretary of State.  Sound familiar?

It's only a 6 episode "mini series" that aired on USA Network. :-(

What should I try next?  Apparently Washington, D.C. is on my mind.

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